Thursday, December 18, 2008

Project Mancave - Uh-oh, hubby's onto me

Hubby thinks something is going on, so much so that the wiseguy tells me he thinks he knows what I'm getting him for Christmas. I insisted that he did NOT know, so he writes down on a piece of paper what he thinks it is, sealed it into an envelope with a "Kelly do not open before Christmas" on the envelope and put it away. Hah, rummaging for scotch tape in the desk drawer I found the envelope. Now, do I use my trusty dofix and steam it open and take a look at where his head is at? Or, do I just leave it. I really really really want to open it and re-seal it, possible enclosing a smarty pants note of my own. What do you think? Open it or don't open it? One more thing, whatever is written inside the envelope, he's already wrong because this project is for his birthday!

Yesterday I got the flight suit into the shadow box ready for hanging. I'm not 100% satisfied with it; I may have to make some changes after the reveal. The board inside it is covered with a nappy fabric that velcro is supposed to stick to. Problem is, the velcro doesn't hold that well. Hopefully it will hold long enough to make it through Saturday. It looks great, it would be a shame to have to re-do it.

My 2 hour photo adventure turned into a 4 hour adventure including a 2 hour date (and a big bill) with the Kodak Picture Maker Kiosk at the local WalMart - my LEAST favorite retailer in the world but yesterday they came through for me. Many of our photos are "pre-digital camera" age so I had to use the Kodak machine to make enlargements from prints. Even though I invested 2 extra hours than I had planned for, my pictures for the project are all here and ready to be put into frames. Yeah!

I finished up the Christmas cards and they should hit the post office today. Also got gifts wrapped and sent them on their way with hubby this morning to ship out of town.

Not much sewing time yesterday, I ended up coming down to the workroom last night and spent a half an hour tidying up the place. Sometimes you just gotta stop and clean up the mess before you make another one.

I had scheduled building the valance today, but I'm going to delay that until tomorrow afternoon. I want to get the panels pleated so they can hang for a day in the workroom prior to the install. They'll probably be a wrinkled mess after I finish dragging them around between the table and the machine. I also want to get the pillows started so hopefully I can make progress in those areas today.

Now, back to the envelope -- open it or no??

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