Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Project Mancave - forward progress

The project is moving along. I've had a lot of moments in the past couple of days where thoughts have run through my head wondering if I can really finish in time for the Saturday reveal. Have even considered pushing the installation to Monday the 22nd, but decided that doesn't help me as my weekend is already planned and there would be no time to work on this project anyway. So I'm moving forward!

Yesterday I was happy to finish up my last job that has been promised for delivery by Christmas. The business part of me wants to move forward on other jobs in-house that are due after the holidays; but I've talked myself into focusing on this project instead. I've got the box pleat portion of the valance cut, seamed and assembled with the lining. Prior to pleating it is 560" wide. Oh my goodness, I've made some wide valances, but don't remember ever wrestling with one this wide. Today I'm going to cut and assemble the band that will be attached to the top of the box pleat and make the valance welt cord.

The brush fringe for the piillows arrived yesterday after a phone call to Fedex. Not sure what the issue was there, as the delivery address was correct.

I picked up the flight suit from the cleaners - it looks so much better; guess it was a little dirty after all. Also picked up some photos that I had enlarged - I've got to deal with the photos soon. I really need to devote an entire day to it.

Wish me luck that I get some things accomplished today; I'd say I'm about 1 day behind where I would like to be at this point.


Anonymous said...

I know you can do it. I will have to say that I don't envy you. I was tabling a 2 WOM panel yesterday using your method and all I could think was thank goodness I don't have to do 6 WOM. Just know that you have a cheerleading section on the web cheering you on!!

Susan Woodcock said...