Saturday, December 13, 2008

Project Mancave - ALMOST BUSTED !!

Oh goodness, hubby almost busted me this morning. I sent him up to the attic to "hide" some gifts. Guess he thought it would be easier to hide them in the storage closet rather than the attic. Understand, this man hasn't been in this closet for AT LEAST a year, maybe more. I'm not sure if he's even been upstairs in the past year. Anyway, he comes down and says, "Looks like Grace (daughter) has been in the closet up there and has gotten into my Navy footlocker. The top was open and she needs to be told to stay out of that." Of course, I'M the one who's been in it digging out his flight suit and other things. Note to self, cover tracks going forward. I can't believe I didn't close it after the rummaging.

My goal today for the project is to finish the lining for the panels. Oh how I would love to table them, but that likely will not happen with the other activities going on.

I began digging through photos to use for collages. Most of the larger prints have already been ordered. OMG - I am not being outrageous when I say that we have at least 10,000+ photographs. They are "somewhat" organized, other than the past few years, so when I do finally get up the nerve to dig through them, I should be able to find what I want fairly quick - as long as I don't stop and reminesce over each photo. Ten thousand photos sounds so ridiculous, but if I think about it, I've been taking and saving photos for about 25 years, that's 400 pictures per year so I have taken about 33 per month. I guess that's about right.

I did come across several albums from when I lived on the North Shore of Oahu. I lived with 3 Navy pilots in a beach house right on the Pipeline, (sorry mom if you're reading this, but I think you already knew that anyway ;) ), plus I ended up marrying one of them so does that make it ok? From the looks of the photos it was one big 3 year par-tay - they should make for a great collage!

My home pc crashed Sunday night, or so I thought. Turns out it had some sort of Trojan virus that has since been eliminated; I thought Trojans helped prevent viruses but I guess that's a different kind of Trojan. Come to think of it, it's a different kind of virus too. Back to the subject at hand - pc is working now so I can recover some of the photos for the project I thought I wasn't going to be able to use.

Tomorrow will be a short workday on the project as our Panthers play at 4:15 and the Survivor finale is at 8 pm.

I'm headed for the workroom.

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