Friday, December 12, 2008

Project Mancave - fabrics

Above are the fabric choices for the project. The three solids (taupe, blue, brown) will be used in the draperies and valance. The taupe will be the traversing panels and the box pleat section of the valance. There will be a band at the top of the box pleat valance and the band will utilize all three fabric colors. The animal print is for sofa pillows which will have brush fringe around the edges. Some of my colleagues in the biz may recognize this fabric from the Northfield House, , a charity project that has become near and dear to the hearts and hands of many of us in the drapery industry. And speaking of brush fringe - I called Deb Kearney, a friend who owns, on Monday morning, gave her the fabric information, told her I needed a medium brown/cocoa colored brush fringe. About 20 minutes later she called me back, had looked up the fabric and located a fringe that would work - it should be here anyday. Great service, as usual from Deb!

I would like to have a blue/brown/maybe a touch of yellow stripe for 1 pillow to break up some of the animal-ness, probably not a word. Also planning to stack 3 boxed pillows, one of each solid color, on the hearth. Any fabric left will be used for large floor pillows which can be stored underneath the shuffleboard table for use when the guests outnumber the seats.

Lots of work to do - I only have 1 paying job left that needs to be complete prior to Christmas - I was able to finish the other one this morning. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend and then have a full week to devote to this project.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Hey this is fun!!! (for me that is!)....I'm excited to see the work in progress! Bobbie K